This group of products is manufactured by Safa Ball Point Pen Industrial Co.

The products of the above company include:

  • Kian Crystal pen in four main colors

Kian crystal pens are produced in of 1 and 0.7 mm sizes of the best raw materials, using the latest world technology, beautiful ergonomic design with exceptional writing ability, smooth and even that gives you the pleasure of fast and long writing.

One of the distinctive features of the pen, distinguishing it from similar samples on the market, is the neat writing. The ink of the pen, which is a third- generation pen, i.e. OBG (Oil Base Gel), is such that it is smooth and easy to write at the same time, it offers neat and ink-free writing to the consumer. With this pen, you will no longer have to worry about ink stains on your hands and shirt.

  • Kian Color Crystal Pen

These pens are produced and supplied in 6 different colors for a variety of tastes.