Safa steel structures and industrial machinery

Safa Steel Structures and Industrial Machinery Company was established in 2002 to manufacture various types of industrial steel structures, steel structures, industrial machinery, overhead and gate cranes, telecommunication and radio-TV towers, cold and hot rolling machinery, tankers and steel tanks, agricultural machinery, and tools.

To this end, a 69-hectare land lot was allocated at km 9 of Saveh-Tehran Freeway inside Safa Industrial Complex for construction of the company, and now the company’s steel structure production plant is in operation with a surface area of ​​40,000 square meters of indoor production halls and outdoor warehouses. The company aims to produce 48,000 tons annually and recruit about 400 direct workers.

One of the projects under review in this steel structures factory is the production of LSF structures with cold-rolled sections, which is one of the latest methods of producing steel structures in the market. The management of the company received international certificates ISO 9001, ISO TS 29001, ISO 18001, ISO 14001 in order to compete in domestic and foreign markets and improve the quality of products.

The company hopes to prevent the escape of large amounts of foreign currency from the country by making all kinds of sections of heavy-duty wide-wing beams and to eliminate the need for our country to import such types of sections in the construction industry and other industries.

Contact info

Head Office: 5th Fl., No. 146, Safa Bldg., Keshavarz Blvd., Tehran; Postal Code: 1416634517

Tel: +9821- 88955172- 76

Fax: +9821- 88955168

Factory: Before Toll, 9th Km of Saveh- Tehran Freeway

Tel: +86- 42172600

Fax: +86- 42172620

For more information, visit www.safastructure.co