Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills

The studies of Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills Company started in 1991 in the context of the long-term development plan of Iran, and have been designed and planned based on the needs of transmission and energy development projects (gas, oil, petrochemical pipelines) as well as water transfer of dams under construction; also, the construction projects, including the development of railways for development of the national railway in two phases of hot rolling and cold rolling. Due to the growing need of Iran for transmission pipes, priority has been given to cold rolling, and in 2000, the establishment license of steel pipes production with a capacity of 1.6 million tons per year was obtained and construction work started near the city of Saveh, opposite the industrial city of Kaveh.

Acquisition of 700 hectares of land in view of the scope of the project, including 220 hectares of production line infrastructure, in 4 halls with a length of 4130 meters and different widths ranging between 60 to 90 meters, facilities and indoor warehouses connected to production halls in a surface area of ​​5 hectares for consumable raw materials, repair shops, and office buildings, outdoor product warehouses adjacent to production halls in a surface area of ​​100 hectares as well as a space in 200 hectares for railway facilities and raw material warehouses and infrastructure facilities, including:

– High-pressure substation of 63/20 kV with a capacity of 60 MW

– Industrial water treatment plant including dilute water with a capacity of 72 cubic meters/hour

– Gas pressure regulating station with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters/ hour

– Railway network and docking station in an area of ​​94 hectares and next to the national railway line

– Telecommunication and telephone network with a capacity of 100 external lines and 4000 internal lines along with LAN and WAN network with an optical cable in a surface area of ​​500 hectares

– Surface water harvesting system, industrial wastewater, and related treatment plants for all factories

In October 2002, the first spiral pipe production line with a capacity of 75,000 tons/ year started in compliance with AWWAC200 standard to supply water transfer pipes ranging from 500 to 3000 mm in diameter. The development was continued with another production line in 2006 with a capacity of 200,000 tons/ year to manufacture gas pipes with a diameter of 20 to 56 inches by the spiral method in compliance with the API-5L international standard. So far, the above line has played a major role in meeting the needs of national water transfer projects in various dams to the consumption points.

The second pipe production line in 2003 started to produce straight seam pipes with the very modern 3RBH method. The line is capable of producing the pipes required by the petrochemical oil and gas industries with a diameter ranging of “20 to 64” mm and a thickness of 6.4 to 38.1 mm and a strength of API-X80 with a capacity of 675,000 tons/year. Over the last decade, it produced and supplied more than one thousand kilometers of transmission lines for petroleum products, including oil and petrochemical gas.

In 2004, the first pipe coating line with a hot-rolled polyethylene method with a capacity of 4 million square meters/ year was launched. All oil, gas, and water pipes produced in the factory are coated by the above method in order to protect them against corrosion. In the next years and based on the requirements of civil projects, the machinery for applying polyurethane, polypropylene coating methods, and the use of petroleum-based bitumen and pipes internal coating with liquid epoxy was installed and commissioned, which are now rendering services to the country’s development plans.

The pipe manufacturing third line started in 2006 with a capacity of 600,000 tons and electric resistance welded (ERW) pipes of diameter “8 to 24”, the thickness of 4 to 20 mm, taking advantage of the latest developed equipment manufactured by SMS MEER factories in Germany. It is able to meet the needs of construction projects for gas, oil, and medium pressure pipes in compliance with the international standards for the transfer of sour, sweet (acidic, and non-acidic) petroleum products. The high quality of the pipes produced by the above line has made it possible to replace these pipes with seamless pipes. The line has the capacity to produce and supply HSS building profiles with dimensions of 180 × 180 to 500 × 500 and with 400 × 600 mm for construction work in high-rise residential and commercial buildings with a strength of Mp570. The prevailing use of this product has reduced the weight of the building by 30%, which is an important factor in the safety of buildings in cities near seismic faults.

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