Food Industries

Hamiran Baby and Adult Food Company is the sole factory under Safa Group in the food industry. This company produces baby complementary nutrition as well as maternal and breastfeeding complementary food during pregnancy and lactation. The use of complementary foods can not only provide the infant with necessary energy for proper growth, but also facilitate a very critical stage of the infant’s gradual training to establish proper eating habits and using family food on the table.

The company’s products include the following:

  • BIOMAMA complementary baby food in different tastes, including: Berenjin rice + milk baby food; Gandomin wheat +milk baby food; multi-cereal + milk baby food, banana + peach baby food;
  • multi-cereal + milk+ Omega3 baby food; vanilla flavored almond porridge complementary food for pregnant and lactating mothers
  • BioMitsa rice flour- wheat flour
  • Nahalin baby complementary food in a variety of tastes, including: rice + milk; rice+ milk+ banana; 6-cereal+ milk; 6-cereal + milk+ multi fruits; 6-cereal + milk + banana; milk/sugar free rice; 5-cereal + milk + Omega3 complementary food for lactating and pregnant mothers

All above products are gluten-free enriched with 19 types of vitamin and minerals for natural growth and development of brain, nervous and visual cells of children.