Safa Applied Science Technology Center

Safa Applied Science Technology Center was established and commissioned in 2007, licensed by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, under the supervision of the university of applied science & technology and under the support of the Ministry of Industries and Mine.

Safa Industrial Group established this academic center in line with the importance and need to establish a university center and applied training, training of qualified experts, and linking science and work along with the development of the country’s industrial achievements.

The center was planned and established to transfer knowledge and create job and professional skills, develop and nourish talents of individuals to assume various jobs and skills, updating the knowledge and skills of employees.

Educational, scientific, and applied programs are developed through job and necessary skills analysis within the framework of the applied scientific system.

Safa Applied Science and Technology Education Center includes the following fields of studies in articulated bachelor’s degree program:

  • Metal Deformation Technology Engineering
  • Design technology and industrial drafting Engineering
  • Manufacturing and production technology Engineering – machine and tool

And the following fields f studies in an associate degree program on termic and modular basis:

– steel rolling

– Industrial drafting

– Mechanical repairs

– Welding

– Quality control of mechanical parts

– Safety and health in business units

–         Business administration

–         cost Accounting

Currently, 1159 students study at this center, 717 in associate degree and 422 in articulated bachelor’s degree programs.

From total of 274 graduate students at this center, 83 completed their studies at bachelor’s degree and 191 at associate degree programs.

Contact info

University: Safa Science and Technology Education Center, No. 29, Azadi, Azadi Blvd., Azadi Sq., Saveh

Tel: +86- 424020033-7

Fax: +86- 42422225

For more information, visit www.safa-uast.ac.ir