Founder of Safa Industrial Group

Mohammad Rostami Safa was born in June 1947 in Tehran to a merchant family in the iron and steel business. Following his father’s path and having relevant education, he transformed the family business from a traditional into an industrial operation in the steel industry.

He always believes that: “I choose the hardest between hard and harder.”

He started his business in a centralized and extensive manner in 1968 by importing hardware. 

In 1975, with an investment in Amol Industrial Group, he started his manufacturing in pipes and profiles industry, and in 1977, due to love of country and believing in the self-sufficiency of Iran, he started production by making machinery and tools in Ostad Industrial Company.

In 1985, he was the shareholder and CEO of Saveh Rolling and Profile Company, with a capacity of 30,000 tons and 160 employees in the same year, but now Saveh Rolling and Profile Company under the management of this entrepreneur has a production capacity of 2 million tons and 1,500 employees.

Later, by virtue of the National 20-year Outlook Plan and the country’s infrastructure development plan, in 2000 he established Safa rolling and pipe milling in Saveh. Now the factory is the largest and the most modern rolling mill and manufacturer of pipes in oil, gas, petrochemical industries, the transmission of petroleum products, water and sewage industries in the Middle East, and also a great honor for our country Iran.

In 2004, he established Safa Toos rolling and pipe milling in Mashhad in line with the Sarakhs-Mashhad project,. After completion of the project, in view of the needs of the existing development plan in Khorasan province, a hot rolling production line was launched in the factory to produce HEBs.

Between 2006 to 2008, Mohammad Rostami Safa with a strong belief in ​​national production and supply of raw materials needed by the above plants, set up factories such as “Safa Steel Structures and Industrial Machinery Company” and “Ahvaz Polymer Industrial Company”, also between 1999 to 2001, he invested in factories such as “Ahvaz Wire and Cable” and “Hamiran Food Industries”.

In 2009, he gained new experience in the field of stationery and established the first stationery factory in Iran known as Safa Ball Point Pen Industrial Co.

Mohammad Rostami Safa is an industrial trainer, who never stops working on forming teams and industrial units. Realizing ideas and exploiting new pipelines is his best joy and pleasure. He believes that wealth is a God-given trust to him, that’s why he tries to respect this trust by developing an industrial unit, building a school, a hospital, helping qualified persons, and making prisoners free. He believes: “God has helped us and given us our livelihood, so we have to transfer it. In fact, we should be brave and generous and take as much as we need from God’s sustenance. ”

He believes that: “Never express problems; but manage them. Management is the art of overcoming problems”.