Seamless Pipes

To have more share of domestic and foreign markets based on market expert studies, Safa Industrial Group has always focused on diversification and quality and quantity improvement of products; thus, the plan to produce seamless pipes according to API-5L and API- 5CT standards are applied in oil and gas industry projects and there is no suitable line in the country.

Safa Industrial Group has built two required production lines based on the latest technology as follows:

Production of hot seamless pipes from billet with a diameter of 150 mm for a seamless pipe production line of 2 – 4 inches from billet with a capacity of 100,000 tons/year and a seamless production line of 230, 270, 340 mm and annual production of 250,000 tons of pipes 5 – 13 inches in length with a length of 6,000 – 12,000 mm

– Production pipes using TCM method (three-roller system) to produce precision pipes according to API-5L and API-5CT standards. Moreover, industrial pipes, oil and gas pipes, and transmission pipes can also be produced with precise dimensions to meet domestic orders and the export market needs.

– In the production line, first, the used billet is prepared and transferred to the rotary kiln for preheating.

– Then, using the mandrel passage in the hot billet state of initial dimensions are prepared for transfer to the traction part.

– Peeling operation is performed using high water pressure nozzles.

– The perforated billet is transferred to the SRM section by the mandrel for traction. The stretched pipe is transferred to the cooling bed to the precise dimensions of the pipe and long length for cooling. At this stage, the pipe is cut to the desired length. – Then, it is directed to the Straightening section in order to reach the precise length of the pipe, and after this stage, cleaning, weighing, marking, and packing is arranged to be supplied to the market.