History of Safa Industrial Group

Safa Industrial Group is a group of large companies and factories, founded in 1968 by Mr. Mohammad Rostami Safa, whose 60 years of experience and management made it the largest industrial group in the Middle East.

The first industrial and production company, Ostad Company, was established in 1976 with a view to making metal industries, agricultural tools, and industrial machinery; since 1978, making steel structures was its first goal, and to this end, it rendered valuable services to the country’s industries.

In 1982, operation in the pipe and profile industry started with an investment in Amol Industrial Group.

In 1985, it experienced another investment in part of the shares of Saveh rolling and profile factories. At the time, the factory was a very small group of the country’s profile-making industry with a production capacity of 20,000 tons per year and 80 employees. Currently, Saveh Rolling and Profile Factory is the largest 8 – 610 mm oil and gas pipe manufacturing factory with a capacity of 2 million tons and employment of 1,200 persons in Iran and the Middle East.

To complete the range of oil and gas pipes and development from urban oil and gas to suburban oil and gas lines, the project of Safa rolling mills and pipes factories was studied in 1991 and in 1999, the project of establishing a factory with a capacity of one million and six hundred thousand tons of 8- 120-inch pipes was started, which currently produces suburban oil and gas pipes, making the country needless to import such types of pipes.

In 2002, Safa Steel Structures and Industrial Machinery Company was established, aimed at manufacturing various types of steel structures, industrial systems, and devices, overhead and gate cranes, telecommunication and radio & television towers, manufacturing machinery for the production of rolling pipes and profiles, and agricultural tools.

In 2004, Safa Toos rolling and pipes factory was built and inaugurated in Mashhad in line with Doosti Dam water transfer pipes project to cover the cost of transporting pipes to Khorasan province.

In February 2009, Ahvaz Polymer Industrial Company was established to produce polyolefin compounds, which are the raw materials for coating steel pipes, to meet the needs of pipe manufacturing plants of Safa Industrial Group and started operation with a capacity of 2500 tons a year.

In 2009, Safa Industrial Group initiated a new industry and opened its way to the world of stationery by launching a Safa Ball Point Pen Industrial Co. The company takes advantage of the most modern machinery, the most experienced staff, and quality control lab to produce more than 120 million pens annually and supply them to domestic and foreign markets

The start of this Group’s operation dates back to 1958 when young Mohammad, like all his teenage peers, was full of vitality, and from time to time, on his way back from school, he went to take a look at his father’s business. The father was a unique epic to young Mohammad, who always tried to take his father as a role model, until a day in winter, the father had a heart attack and had to rest at home for a long time. As the only son in the family, young Mohammad thought about how he could help his father; so he went to his father’s firm and started sorting things out.

In those years, the MoblIran factory was established by the Khayami brothers, which was a revolution in the office furniture industry. Young Mohammad took advantage of the situation and with a futuristic mind equipped all the furniture of his father’s office and business with the eye-catching products of MoblIran. After recovery, his father intended to return to work, and Mohammad was overwhelmed with anxiety that what would be his father’s reaction to the changes in his office !?

In resuming his work, the father, not only did not challenge Mohammad’s work but also praised and appreciated his efforts; Furthermore, he allocated an independent division to Mohammad, and thus the young man officially entered the business market. He was at school in the morning and at father’s firm in the afternoon, practicing trade and business.

Thus, Mohammad Rostami Safa entered the world of steel trade as a teenager and spent several years in this domain with complete success, the result of which was steel supply for lasting projects such as 100,000 person capacity Azadi Stadium, ASP towers, Azadi Square Memorial Tower, Ekbatan town, etc. Although the business was profitable, it was not enough for the high ambitions of the young Mohammad Rostami, who believed that many products imported from abroad could be produced domestically with the same motivation.