Safa Industrial Group includes a group of leading companies located in different provinces of the country, which is active in the field of production of steel sections, steel structures, polymer industry, wire and cable, stationery and food industries. The largest part of this group is in the field of production of various types of steel sections for supply to domestic markets and neighboring countries. In the construction industry as well as steel sections, the result is hot rolling such as beams, round bars and other similar items.

The largest and oldest production complexes of this group have been established in Markazi province called “Saveh Pipe and Profile Company” and “Safa Rolling and Pipe Company” which are adjacent to each other. The production capacity of these factories is 3 million tons per year and the employment opportunity is 2,000 people.



Mohammad Rostami Safa was born in June 1958 in Tehran to a merchant family in the field of iron and steel. He continued his father’s path and according to…

Vision and Mission


Customer orientation and gaining customer satisfaction and trust – Respect for employees’ rights and attract their participation – Honesty and …

Goals and Strategies


Achieving customer satisfaction by improving product quality, applying advanced technologies, utilizing expert force at all organizational …

Code of Ethics


Keeping secrets and confidential documents – Compassion in all matters and tasks assigned – Behavior, kindness, and respect for colleagues and …

Safa Industrial Group Goals



Direct employment for more than 14,000 of Iranian


Self-sufficiency of Iran in production and industry with the slogan of Safa Thought is IRAN Self-Sufficient


One of the main goals of Safa Industrial Group is to produce the highest quality products for Iranians

The Environment

Neglect of the environment undermines development goals because respect for nature is respect for the God

Safa Industrial Group Subsidiary Companies

Safa Rolling & Pipe Mills
Saveh Rolling & Profile Mills
Safa Pen Industrial Co.
Ahvaz Wire & Cable Co.
Ahvaz Polymer Industry
Hamiran Food Industry
Safa Agro Industry Co.
Safa Structure Co.
Safa University
Karun Steel Complex
Safa Energy Industry Co.
Safa Investment Co.
Safa Motor Co.
Safa Diesel Co.
Safa Science & Technology Co.
Safa Mine I. T. Co.
Safa Welding & Coating Industry

Central Office :

Safa Building – No. 146 – Keshavarz Blvd. – Tehran – IRAN

Phone : +98 (21) 8895 56 17