Light Hot Rolling project of Safa Rolling and Pipe Complex

As one of the largest investment units in the steel industry, Safa Industrial Group has been operating on a continuous basis for more than 63 years and currently has a good share of domestic and export markets. The light hot rolling project with a production capacity of 4,400,000 tons/year, prevents the import of all kinds of beams, rebar, studs, and relevant products in addition to meeting the needs of the Group and the country, and even exports these products.

– Optimal use of new technologies and product development based on the ever-increasing needs of the energy sector

– Optimization of existing processes with a focus on improving automation

– Increase effective communication between industry and academia

Project Site

Saveh City, in a land lot of 250 Hectares surface area, 250,000 Sqm of the indoor area is under construction as follows:

– Light sections production plant: Manufacturer of light steel sections with a capacity of 500,000 tons/year

– Wire staple production plant: Manufacturer of steel wire with a capacity of 500,000 tons/year

– Wire production plant: Manufacturer of steel wire with a capacity of 250,000 tons per year

Based on the experience of Safa Steel Structures and Industrial Machinery Company on installation and commissioning of pipe-making factories, the relevant workshops were established and equipped in the area that was intended for Safa light hot rolling mills. So far they have manufactured and supplied machinery needed by Safa Group pipe manufacturing companies, also manufactured and supplied a large part of the equipment required by the light hot rolling mill being installed and delivered to Safa Light Hot Rolling Project.

Employment Generation

600 persons directly and 10,000 persons indirectly

Operation time

As per the project schedule on Feb. 2023

Infrastructure facilities of Safa Rolling and Pipe Industrial Complex Projects

• Second high voltage substation with 20.63 kV power with a 60 MW consumption power

• Water treatment plant with a capacity of 72 Cm/hour, including types of water required by factories

• Gas pressure regulating station with a capacity of 20,000 Cm/ hour and more than 600 meters of pipeline length for factory

• Railway network in a 95-hectare station adjacent to the national railway and design of domestic network for transfer of raw materials and products

• Establishment of telephone communication lines including 100 external lines with the feasibility of 4000 internal sub-lines in form of optical fiber and creation of LAN and WAN network in 500 hectares whole area of ​​factories ​​.

All infrastructural facilities are completed, and industrial wastewater harvesting facilities are predicted based on the highest world standards.