Safa Khodro Diesel

As a means of connecting Asia to the Middle East and Europe, the road transport industry in Iran has long been known for the strategic situation of the Silk Road. Furthermore, the country’s population and domestic needs, including transport of types of commodities within urban areas and roads, as well as the transfer of passengers in urban and suburban areas, has given the automotive industry a special place and importance, and automaking in our country as the first leading industry after oil and gas industry with a share of about 10% of the GDP plays a key role as the parent industry and the promoter of other industries.

Meanwhile, achieving market share in recent years requires targeted and contingency planning and strategies; while, the environmental, economic, technical, managerial, and financial challenges facing economic enterprises will be ineffective and managed by study-based planning.

The present plan deals with examining various dimensions of marketing and sales in import and production in a part of commercial and passenger cars market, including tractors, dump trucks, trucks, pickup trucks, vans, minibusses, and buses.

Project Goal:

Powerful and all-out presence in all fields of commercial vehicles, including cargo and passenger vans, tractors, dump trucks, trucks, pickup trucks, vans, minibusses and buses

Selection, import, and products from foreign companies, including Russia, China, India, and Turkey, whose companies in Iran either do not have products and/or have received less attention.

Creating product differentiation by manufacturing quality products and practical options.

Extensive and fast presence in the market, using methods of aggressive pricing, universal after-sales service, and marketing strategies and tactics, pricing strategy for all products are the subject of this combined marketing program of cost-based and competitive-based pricing methods and due to the market penetration strategy and intensive competition and the presence of different brands, the emphasis on competition-based pricing is more important.

Company’s Message:

By manufacturing quality cars, in compliance with the current world standards and geographical conditions of Iran, backed by strong and unique after-sales services and competitive prices compared to other quality products available in the market and to simplify purchase by providing special facilities for potential and loyal customers, Safa Khodro Diesel Group strives to take a big step in reviving and modernizing transportation fleet of Iran.

Project Site:

The main site of the company is in Safa Industrial Group site in the city of Saveh, including raw materials warehouse, Production/ Commerce/ Warehouse units

The sales and after-sales services head office are in Tehran to provide easy access of customers and considering the vehicle’s tonnage to transport to the country’s main roads as well as displaying products to real and legal customers and creating a showroom and test drive space.

Products Standards:

The company’s products are made with the standards of safety, European pollution in accordance with the required domestic standards, as well as environmental conditions, weather, fuel type, requirements, and how customers and domestic transport fleet use them.

The company’s products pollution standard is higher than the required domestic standards and Safa Group seeks to raise such standards in its development plans to help preserve the country’s natural resources and control air pollution by manufacturing electric and natural gas vehicles.

The company’s vehicles in the first phase include n1-n2-n3 group commercial vehicles as well as m2-m3 group passenger vehicles, and in the second phase, conversion of products to electric and natural gas vehicles.

Annual Manufacturing Capacity:

Enjoying the required infrastructures, Safa Group has the capacity to make light and heavy commercial vehicles up to 10,000 units annually, which has been planned and is to be accomplished based on the market needs and economic condition of the country.

Employment Generation:

The employment rate of the complex is 200 persons during the first phase and 500 persons directly in the final phase and during the final development plans and the complete collection of product portfolio up to 2000 persons directly.

Operation Time:

The project operation time in the first phase, which includes market research and product selection and concluding an initial contract with foreign trading partners, is about two years, and now the company is in the middle of the road.

The final phase for the first product output from the production line and meeting necessary domestic standards and the possibility of direct supply is about three years, which is also anticipated and the initial steps have been taken to set up the production line and create the necessary infrastructure.

Contact info

Head Office: 8th Fl., No. 146, Safa Bldg., Keshavarz Blvd., Tehran,

Postal Code: 14166

Tel: +9821- 88955614-23-2

Factory: Km 9 of Saveh- Tehran Freeway, Saveh

Postal Code: 3914116133

Tel: +86-42172000

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