Karun Steel Complex

Safa Industrial Group is one of the largest investment units with more than 40 years of experience in steel industries, and at present, it has a good share of domestic and export markets. Implementing the plan on 10 million tons/year of various flat steel products, types of pipes, and containers, Karun Steel Complex prevents the import of such products in addition to meeting the needs of the Group and the whole country and even exports them.

Project Site

Bandar Abbas

  • Land lot allocated to the project

About 400 Hectares

Number of halls and measurements allocated to the project

  • Types of products based on the relevant standard are manufactured

International API standards, St12, ST13, St14 and ASTM oily sheets, and other relevant European standards

  • Thickness, width and …

Slabs with 200, 250, and 300 mm thickness, 1200-2700 mm width, 2500-4500 mm length (plain carbon steel slabs and low alloy steel)

150 * 150 billet (low carbon and low alloy steel billet)

Wide sheet in 5-150 mm thickness, 4500-1100 mm width, and 12-6 m length (hot-rolled sheet of plain carbon and low-alloy steel with a thickness between 4.75 to 10 mm)

Steel sheet coil in 5-100 mm thickness, 2700-1100 mm width (hot-rolled sheet of plain carbon and low-alloy steel with a thickness of less than 3 mm)

Light steel rebars and sections, size 8-36, 12-meter branch (ribbed rebar in coil or branch made of plain carbon and low-alloy steel)

24-64 inches Roll bending pipe (precision welded steel pipe)

100-26 inch spiral pipe (steel welded pipe with spiral welding)

8-24 inch ERW pipe (seamed steel pipe with direct welding)

16-2.5 inches seamless pipe (precision, simple carbon, and low alloy seamless pipe)


  • Project production capacity
  • Employment generation

6250 persons directly and 20,000 persons indirectly

  • Operation time

As per the project schedule on Feb. 2027

Contact info

Head Office: 3rd Fl., No. 146, Safa Bldg., Keshavarz Blvd., Tehran,

Postal Code: 14166

Tel: +9821- 88950071-2

Fax: +9821- 88953594